311B Roosevelt Ave  Quezon City
Mondays -Saturdays 9am-6pm
0922-331-3328/ 0915-228-6108 / 8572-5858/ 8232-2320

Sun 0922-331-3328 Globe 0915-228-6108
PLDT 8-572-5858 / 8-232-2320

How to Buy CMK Cellphones

Cash only, we do not have credit card facilities

Step 1:
Always Call/Text/Message first to Check for Availability 9am to 6pm:

02- 572-5858 or 02- 232-2320
0922 331 3328 Sun Hotline and Viber
0915-228-6108 Globe incoming calls only
FaceBook ID: cmkcellphones

You will receive the following Replies:

1. Item On Stocks would you like to Reserve ?
             Please Choose :
                    Pick Up at CMK Cellphones Shop 9am - 6pm
                    or COD, Meet Up, Shipping ? 
                         Please see Below Details on Process...
2. Item By Order:
             To Order Please Confirm Order by : 
             Depending on the Item 2 Options
             A. Please Give Your Full Name, Landline and CP Number to confirm your order
             B. Please Deposit 10% or 1000 minimum downpayment (whichever is higher) at any Branch of the following banks of your choosing BDO, BPI, or METROBANK.
Cut off time will depend on the item you are ordering

Cash On Delivery ( COD )
Free Service on Selected items and areas Above 5000                                                                                                                            
Provinces not included (see Shipping Nationwide option)

To Find out if your address is included  

Please TEXT Message us Hotline 0922-331-3328 the following Required Details :

Full Name                   

Full Address          

Landline and CP Number      

Items being ordered                                                                        

Approximate Delivery Date you are Available to Receive Order               

You will Receive either of the following replies :   

1) Thank you, your address has been included in

CMK's COD Service.

Would you like to push through with this order?

Please reply so delivery can be scheduled.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

2) Sorry, your address is not included in our areas of COD Delivery.
May we recommend Meet up instead or
Shipping Nationwide (requires full payment)

or Pick Up options?
Thank you!

Shipping thru LBC Delivery for areas not covered in our COD service

Deposit Cash in full by 2pm at the Bank :
Item will be delivered by LBC at your address or you may Pick up at any LBC Branch Nationwide

Shipping of Cellphones. Please add Shipping Fee 200 or 300 pesos depending on the size of the box
and 1% Insurance fee, for example the item is priced at 10,000 the insurance will be 100.

For Shipping of more than one unit
Add 100 for every additional unit, for example 2 units of cp small box will be 300 then
please add corresponding insurance 1% value of the 2nd , 3rd , 4th unit etc

Shipping of Laptops and DLSR Cameras, Please add 500 to 600 pesos Shipping fee
plus 1% of the value of the item for the Insurance fee.

Some areas and by order items expect 2days Delivery:
Ilocos Sur        
Surigao Del Sur 
Baler Aurora

Some Areas 3days :
Sultan Kuldarat
Laog Ilocos Norte
Cotabato City
Zamboanga City

For Buyers Located Outside the Philippines
we accept payment through
Bank Remittance
ask your nearest bank
about remittance to
Banco De Oro Philippines