Cmk Cellphones        

              311-B Roosevelt Ave Barangay San Antonio Near Munoz Quezon City
                          Hotline 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturdays 0922-331-3328 / 572-5858 / 232- 2320

O+ Mobile /Tablet/ Laptop  With One Year official Warranty 
Some Unit by order nextday pick up 
Please Check Availability before coming to shop 
Updated  as   of   April  04,  2017


O+ 8.37y 

Cash Price 1,999

O+ Ultra Lite 

Cash Price 3,995

O+ M 
With Free 16GB SanDisk Memory Card
& Selfie Stick with Clicker
Cash Price 4,395

O+ Ultra 3.0
Cash Price 8,690

O+ Compact Pro 80 
Cash Price 10,850

O+ Notepad 4G 2.0 Intellipen
Cash Price 9,990